so i got accepted to the college i’d like to attend next fall today. i’m very happy. i finally feel like i have some direction and i know where i wanna go with my life. it’s too bad i still don’t know what i wanna do once i get there, but i feel like i’ve got a good shot at figuring that out along the way. i feel so old, too. i’m going to college next year, bros. so weird. but i’ll be happy to be moving on. not that i don’t love my home and where i live, but i like change, so it’ll be good. it’s funny how you look at growing up and going to college for your whole life as something so huge, and you feel like it’ll never happen, but you feel that when it does it’s gonna be so huge and life-changing, and then when it comes you kinda just take it in stride. believe me, it’s a big deal, but it’s just kind of a part of my life now. like everything else, i suppose.

okay it’s bedtime. goodnight.